Rob Pikeの理想のセットアップ

以前にも紹介したDaniel BoganさんのインタビューサイトThe Setupより。

ついにこの人スーパーハッカーRob Pikeである。彼の「あなたの理想のセットアップはなんですか」に対する答えが面白いので、以下一部抜粋する。

In summary, it used to be that phones worked without you having to carry them around, but computers only worked if you did carry one around with you. The solution to this inconsistency was to break the way phones worked rather than fix the way computers work.

My dream setup, then, is a computing world where I don't have to carry at least three computers - laptop, tablet, phone, not even counting cameras and iPod and other oddments - around with me in order to function in the modern world. The world should provide me my computing environment and maintain it for me and make it available everywhere. If this were done right, my life would become much simpler and so could yours.



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